Welcome to bookends & warp ends. I’m CJ!

My name is Cait. Yes, this is a pseudonym. I wanted to be able to write and share freely without confining my content to things that publicly could be shared with my name attached. As well, any names or places mentioned in the blog have been changed to protect myself and others. I’ve been told that I should share my life in a book one day. While that is a possibility, I wanted a place to share now. I will share a little about myself just so we don’t start as complete strangers. I am in my twenties. I am a graduate student of textiles. She/her pronouns are fine if you do reach out to me. I have a lot of books that are my “favorite”. I usually share my favorites in a genre. YA Novel: 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher (don’t get me started on the Netflix show). Mystery/Crime: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy by Steig Larson (the OG trilogy only). Classic Literature: Any Jane Austen, Any Edgar Allan Poe (Yes, polar opposites). I could go on. My favorite color is light blue. I have red hair. I love any sport/activity that has to do with water. I am loyal to the end and stubborn as well.

I am so glad you’ve decided to visit my blog. I would like to add a content warning/trigger warning through this blog. This blog some pretty heavy stories of self-harm, anxiety, suicide, and sexual assault. If you don’t feel like you are in the right head space to read that right now, go find a friend to read it with you and discuss it with them. Find accountability! If that isn’t possible, then maybe just skip this blog until you’re in a different moment in your journey.