behind the name

If you’re curious, let me explain the reason for my blog name. Obviously, I love books. (I own too many of them probably.) I have to constantly move my bookends to accommodate a new book. They contain the books filled with chapters of different experiences. Yet, the bookends always hold up the books with no hesitation to allow for growth.

As for warp ends, I’m a textiles graduate student. Of course I had to include it in my blog! Warp ends are the yarns in a fabric that run vertically. They are in place before the weaver or loom start to fill in the fabric horizontally. The warps are the constant in a fabric. They are equally spaced and placed with precise tension. The warps do have a job to stabilize the fabric and help create a design.

All this to say, life needs something to flexible enough to allow for growth while supporting me and something to be the constant in my life. Christ is both my bookends and warp ends in my life. His support is always there while still helping my life to expand and change. He is constant and unchanged while allowing me to design my life to reflect His love and goodness.